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They Labored for Nothing


It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


His friend is a native

Of an island that shares boundaries

With another country, they were

Doing the same job in the island

One day, the mother of his friend

Took ill and he was sent for

He accompanied his friend

To his island to know the place,

After seeing the woman, his

Friend told him, he needs

To get somewhere, he should

Wait for him he will be right back

But he insisted on following his

Friend because he knows no one in

The island. On their way, he stopped

At a place and he told him he used

To do illegal deal at the border to raise

Money for himself, he has long been doing

The illegal business before he secures

Appointment. He asked of how he used

To go about it and he told him, it is

Simple what he will do is put on

An immigration officer’s cloth and would

Be stopping people migrating into the country

Charging them before they enter the country

He agreed to follow him to see how things

Work. He gets for him an immigration officer’s

Cloth because he has different types of it

They got to the place and they stopped many

People who want to migrate into their country

Those people had to bail themselves out

By given them money before they were allowed

To enter their country through their village.

They made much money that day. Having

Tasted what his friend used to do, he asks him

To be included in the list of his “pals” who mount

Road blocks at the village borders whenever

He wants to do the shady deal. Like this he

Becomes integrated into the job and his

Friend’s family house becomes his

Second home. His friend old him that

He plans to stop the business after


A while and then he would resign

His appointment with the government

And start business. It is a good idea

He responded and hoped to also

Follow the footpath of his friend

Resigning after a while to start business.

They continue like this and open

An account with a bank under a pseudonym

To be saving money. A member of the

Gang advised that told them that

It is better to convert the money to

International money by that the money

Would be more secure and if need be

That they leave the country for another they

Will not have difficulties with the money

When they get to where they are going

They will convert the money to that country’s

Currencies easily. They welcome the idea and

Started saving the money in foreign

Currencies. It is about ten years now that

He has joined the gang both of them are

Planning their retirement at the end

Of the year because after ten years

Of service to their country they could

Resign and be receiving pension from

The government of the country. A month

To their retirement, they went to the border

Under the disguise of going to the man’s

Village as they used to do to make the illegal

Deal but things went bad for them, because

Thieves who were being pursued by

Law enforcement agencies from the

Neighboring country got to where they were

And killed them. No one knows of

Their secret account under the pseudonym

All they knew was that they had account with

Some banks, but it bears not the

Names that people know them for.

The certificates of death presented

To the banks bear their official names

Which give family members access to their

Normal account but those secret accounts

They could not have access to. The money

Saved in other accounts under their pseudonym

Eventually becomes somebody else’s money after their demise.


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