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They Erred in Judgment #2

My Late Mum (Deaconess Felicia) in the early 1980s

My Late Mum (Deaconess Felicia) in the early 1980s

As there is time to be born and there is time to die, the woman developed migraine,

And this migraine everyone thought was a minor thing, but the migraine does not abate,

Eventually the woman died after three days. When she died those Priests instead of

Sympathizing with the children started congratulating those children that they are

Now free from shackles that their mother have used to tie them to a position and from

Thenceforth they should be expecting changes in their lives, in fact within 6 months

Some of them say, they shall know appreciable progress in their lives.

Those children except two of them also wished so and were expecting the changes

To start taking place in their lives. But ten years after the demise of their mother

The supposed witch who have tied their lives to a position, who have buried the

Stars and glories of her children to be exalted in the kingdom of the sorceress the

Lives of those children never changed. Then the most senior of those children called

His siblings together and told them that they can see that those priests were liars,

He had been having those notions all along, that they were false prophets, but because

Of situation at hand then, he cannot say a word, but now it is time to speak to others

Of the need to reason together and break their aprons from those false priests

And prophets. They have brought separation and discord into the midst of this loving

Family by their false pronouncements and it is sad that they could be saying what

They do not see, and he knows there are many out there who have also been lied

To by those false priests, adding that God has time for everyone and everything under

The sun as the Holy Writ has stated. The death of our mother has proved this, and we

Jonathan Nelson - I Believe

Should admit it and keep doing our best in all we are doing, we need to know that

During this period of hardship, we are sowing, and the time for harvesting what has sown

Differs, because the date of maturity of the seeds differ. Some seeds would mature within

Three months while some like palm kernel would not mature in years, even the hybrid

Ones would take about three years before maturing, I want us to know that our lives is like

Such and we should not compare ourselves with others, individuals have their times of

Breaking through and breaking forth before God, we should wait for our time to

Reap a bounteous harvest as designed by God for us. As he concludes. They all rose

And embraced him, thanking him for being such a self-serving leader saying as from

Thenceforth, they will desist from listening and or following those false prophets

Who have overtaken the good religion bequeathed to them by their parents, and those

Who have distanced themselves from their father promised to return to him and

Apologize to him for they have been misled by those false priests whose gods are

Their bellies. Having learnt from what happened to their mother, coming together

Stronger than before in love, making restitution with their father who is the surviving

Parent, they started working in unity, it was not long after they come together that

Their lives started changing and those who have abinitio been neglected in the society

Are being noticed. Fifteen years after her death, they became a force to be reckon with

In their different endeavors.