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They Erred in Judgment #1

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My Late Mother in the 1960s

My Late Mother in the 1960s

The island was pagan’s island in the time past, because their founding

Fathers worshiped different types of gods, “gods or iron”, “god of thunder” etc.,

These gods are like Zeus and other gods in the ancient mythology. However,

When the missionaries got to this island, and spoke to them about the new

Religion many within the island embraced this new religion and would have nothing

To do with the old religion again. As this religion continues to grow, people get

Married there and give birth to their children while serving the God of the new

Religion. There was a man and a woman who also embraced this new religion and

Have given birth to eight children. They have now grow old, but the lives of their were

Nothing to write home about, as their parents are largely responsible for their

Up keep. There are different people talking about the plight of those children and

They have been attaching the setbacks of those children to the curse placed on their

Parents. After sometimes some the local priests who have been ordained by the

Missionaries while leaving the island started saying it was the mother of those children

Who was behind her children’s plights, for to them she is a witch and has not completely

Renounce her witchcraft, she is only hiding under being saved like some other people in

The ancient times have been doing. They often times asked that the children go to some

People who have been gifted in seeing into the future to check what it is that is the matter

The children have gone to some of those seers to pray and those seers have said that it

Was their mother who was behind their setbacks in life, and they will not make appreciable

Progress in life except the woman dies. Those children were befuddled, the woman who

A Time for Everything

Has always been there for them, they started thinking, the woman who has always given

Her life to prayer, then as if some of those seers were reading into their minds they would say

Even Jesus says, and a man's foes shall be they of his own household,” that it is the

Wicked ones who likes to go to churches and other christian programs most so that people

Will not focus them. Nothing has been more convincing and disturbing that these utterances

In the hearts of the woman’s children. Some of them, about six of the children,

Started fleeing their parents, rent rooms outside and would not come home,

While some started squatting with their friends because they want to be far off

Their parents especially their mother, as those fake prophets have propounded

To them for if she does not see them again how she uses her sorcery to

Manipulate their lives would be reduced. When they are being called for by

Their parents, they will put up different excuses for not coming to meet with them.

That was how they continued to live, abandoning their parents. Ironically,

Even at this their lives were unchanged, things remain as they were with them

This makes those seers and priests to propound another theorem that not until she dies,

Nothing shall change in those children’s lives.