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They Discovered their Folly


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A farmer had a

Large expanse of land

On which he planted

Different kinds of crops

He ensured that he

Puts landmark on his

Land to prevent encroachment

By other nigh by

Soon his crop started

Germinating and the entire

Farmland looks beautiful and

Adorable to all passersby

When animals also see

This they were elated

For this site would

Be new feeding source

Place where they could

Be resorting to feed

Themselves with time. Soon

They entered the farmland

Terrestrial animals started eating

The farmers crops destroying

Some of the plantations

Of the farmer

This does not exclude

Birds too they wreck

Havoc on the farmers

Crops and products

He sets traps for

Them, but they were

Cautious and did not

Fall into farmer’s traps

Some of the terrestrial

Animals have made the

Man’s farm their abode

Living in the holes

They dug the land

Made furrows there and

Started living there. Farmer

Started planning for them

Farmer has been tasking

His brain, to know

What he could do

To those worrying animals

The animals that have

Prevented him from reaping

A bounteous harvest in

His works as he hoped


As he was planning

For them the animals

Also called meeting to

Deliberate on their future

This meeting had in

Attendance birds too for

They are moving near

The harmattan period

During that period farmers

And hunters used to

Set wilderness on fire

Called bush burning

They can prevent this

From happening to them

The terrestrial animals reasoned

When they got to meeting

If they could limit

If not totally stop

How they feed on

The farmers crops

If they could do

This, there would be

More crops on his

Farm yet unharvested

This would prevent him

And others from setting

The place on fire

When the time comes

They would do this

Not because of the

Animals but because of

The farmers products

This opinion of theirs’

Were supported by all

And they all resolved

To temporarily move elsewhere

To protect and preserve

Their dwelling place and

During the new planting

Season they could return

But, birds did not

Follow their line of

Reasoning because they are

Fighting for themselves

They told them that

They had much to

Peck from the trees

In the farmland

And if they should

Move with them to

Another site, they are

The ones who will lose

Grass-cutter raises an objection

To this stating that

Ain’t they afraid of

Fire? Bush ‘ld be burnt

Birds told them that

They are not afraid

Of fire, because immediately

A fire is being set

Set on the wilderness

By anyone, either knowingly

Or not, they would

Fly off except sick ones

Burning of bushes is

To our advantage birds

Say because they would

See every grain on soil

Animals on hearing this

Discovered their folly that

They should not have

Invited birds to meeting

Terrestrial animals try to

Shift base from there

But that could not

Stop farmer from bush burning

When he sets the place

On fire he killed

Some of them those

That were in holes

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