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They Became Respectful

Value time when it moves real slow
When music helps you make a friend
A sit down with someone or a thought
Let it slow cook, don't jump to the end

A kind of hurry down, a pressure cooker
Let it go, in a year you won't remember
A bohemian leans casually on opposites
A naked heart is the way to be tender

Do you want inside someone's head
Don't try to reach, that's not the way
They have to notice your way of living
They can't help it, they'll want to stay

Finding is not following your footsteps
Only believe in yourself enough to ask
Not knowing is where a wise man begins
Peace inside is taking off your mask

Trust in your voice, dust in your hand
Nothing torn as if never being born
No mean thought, only a hippies love
It's passed on, even days you mourn

I'm taking it along with me on the job
Commanding is not feeling people
No speech is worth losing your voice
I suggested, they became respectful

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