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These Tears Are Flowing...

Hakeem is love to write poetry, because, his heart speaks and pen writes.

Why this happen to me?

In sorrow and grief,

I have learned to leave,

I could not cry,

but you taught me to cry

Life has done me a favor,

I learnt to sleep on stressful nights

The pillow would get wet with own tear,

Where I cry, these tears are flowing....

The heart cries, and a flood comes,

When the heart become restless, where is the peace of mind,

I cried so much that I forgot myself, but...

Your reflection is seen in the river of love,

I melt like candles in the crowd of world,

Where I cry, these tears are flowing...

Flowing tears


I also had pleasant memories,

The desire to live life was with me,

Where is the situation now,

I have these broken feelings,

After I get angry with you, I get angry with myself,

Where I cry, These tears are flowing...

I have been fighting for you, since time immemorial,

I asked the Lord for nothing but you,

I stumbled upon what I wanted,

My sympathy has become my tears and loneliness,

Sometimes, also get tired with myself,

Where I cry, these tears are flowing...

Where is it hidden? Come before me,

Tell me, oh happiness! So why are you angry with me?

I even try to convince you,

I even tried to forget you,

Seeing everyone's smiling face, then my wounds get green,

Where I cry these tears are flowing.....

Sad girl


© 2022 Md Hakeem

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