These Are the Things I Live For

Updated on April 28, 2018

For my mother

Trimming for castles on a bright sunny day

Sitting on the porch in the pouring down rain

Laughing at the beach on a chilly day in May

Flying through the air on a "save you money" plane

These are the things I live for

Crossing the border down at South Carolina

Buying pumpkin pie to eat on Thanksgiving day

Talking about Australia, Paris and China

Picking up vitamin shop cookies on the way

These are the things I live for

Sipping hot chocolate with whipped cream miles high

Shoveling snow for the puppies to have room to play

Going to DSW to find shoes that we tell Papa we didn't buy

Eating the last homemade cookies without any delay

These are the things I live for

Dosie Dough is one of my favorites

A "sick" day classic that we neer suppress

A year to year tradition and I continue to savor it

And then coming home and complaining about my brother's mess

These are the things I live for

I could go on and on about our adventures

But words are getting hard to ryhme

and really all you need to know is

none of these would be possible without you

and each and every day you continue to know

exactly what to say and that is why

I love you in every possible way


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