These Here Boots

Updated on April 24, 2019
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I followed my Father's foot steps as a connector off and on throughout my years. To all on the job... thanks for the daily sacrifice!

Ironman's Boots
Ironman's Boots | Source

These boots right here I could never fill,

Although the tag says I will,

I scream, “You Lie”,

“I Know their past”,

“They resided just south of Ironman’s ass!”

“They’ve lived a life above the scenes”,

As Ironman walked them narrow beams,

Mornings were calm,

He’d lace them up,

Drink some coffee while he warmed up his truck,

Shortly thereafter surrounded by clatter,

He arrives in Ol’ Red,

Prepared for the battle,

Ironman grabs all his tools,

Then he scales up the beams,

As the spectators gather and grind at their teeth,

Higher and higher,

They look at him go,

One lady says, “wow, he’s quick on his toes”,

Another guy chimed,

“yeah, he’s quick on his feet”,

“But if he makes the wrong move”…

“He’ll go splat underneath”,

Ironman gets where he’s going,

And finally sits down,

Then he waved both his hands at the crane on the ground,

One spectator asked, “Is he supposed to steal third?”

Then all of them laughed at a thought so absurd,

With a screech and a growl,

A few pings with a pop,

An enormous steel beam headed straight to the top,

Shortly thereafter the beams journey began,

Ironman waved to account for the wind,

The man in the crane,

Sweat beads on his face,

The stakes are so high as it swings into place,

With a shout and wave,

The big beam just stops,

Dangling there at Ironman’s spot,

He reached at his waist,

And pulled out a spike,

Then he leaned over the edge at the beam to his right,

With one arm he grabs it and pulls it in close,

While the other one spikes it so he can reach for a bolt,

A few minutes pass,

Then he stands up again,

And walks down that beam,

Despite all the wind,

He walks halfway out,

Unties all the straps,

Then the ball on the crane descends to the mat,

Eight hour days,

Forty a week,

These raggedy old boots were on Ironman’s feet,

Many years later,

He dusted them off,

Handed them down,

To save on some cost,

Here in my kitchen,

They’ve been sitting for weeks…

I’m not half the man needed to replace Ironman’s feet!

I Love You, Dad!

© 2019 CP Gaines


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    • CP Gaines profile imageAUTHOR

      CP Gaines 

      14 months ago from Out West

      That's so ironic... I had read "Loose Shoes" because I had just written "These Here Boots" a few days ago.

      It funny how the universe spins!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      14 months ago from Queensland Australia

      What a great poetic tribute to your dad and the challenging job of an Ironman. I had to read this after you commented on my poem "Loose Shoes." I loved this CP. Well done.


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