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There's No Love.

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


I gaze sympathetically toward the setting sun
A solitary inked black tear rolls precariously down my cheek
All around me hope sizzles like water on incandescent rock
Bubbles of humanity encase souls of frigid winter as the diversity of the landscape silently watches
Peripheral vision sees the hostility amidst the stammer of opposing forces
Good verses evil, light verses darkness hope verses despair
Encapsulated digitised the sun verses shadow
There is no love amongst us
Only bigotry hatred distrust
Roaming the streets blades held by immortalised youth
Death or life flashes like a far off star
Consequences like chess pieces upon the board of suspicious paranoia evaporates like morning mist
Staring eyes of deceit cast doubt upon the prevalence of truth
There is only war, desolation dispirited anger there is no love
Mankind the hostility amidst the beauty of this world
The pillage of resources, the rape of the forests the poisoning of the air, the soiling of the oceans
There is no regard for the world or the brotherhood of man
Race religion colour creed jealousy selfishness rule the minds of many
There is no love
All that we hold dear lies threatened by the inhumanity of humanity
And our demise will be of our own hands
There never was any love.

© 2018 Mark

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