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There's a New Day Dawning: an Inspirational Poem

John is a Christian but feels that all religions have both positives and negatives. He prefers to live by his own code of ethics.


There's a New Day Dawning

There's a new day dawning

And it's not that far away.

So prepare yourself to start afresh

And throw the old away.

Focus on the road ahead,

Don't waste time looking back.

The past is gone and won't return

So keep your dreams on track.


Think positive, be confident,

Cut pessimism's ties.

Be an optimist in all you do,

Because everybody dies.

Set your goals and go for them,

Reach out to the stars.

Persist in seeking what you want,

Don't be imprisoned by life's bars.

Love your family

Love your family

Love your family and your friends.

Tell them every day.

Don't stress the things that don't go right,

Just try a different way.

Today will soon be yesterday

Before you blink an eye.

Tomorrow will become today

As time on this Earth flies.

So don't sit back and waste the hours,

Procrastinators suck!

Grasp each day firmly by the neck

And make your own good luck.

Questions & Answers

Question: Who is the author of this poem, "There's a New Day Dawning"?

Answer: I am the author. John Hansen (Jodah).

© 2017 John Hansen