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There's Something In The Attic

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Where are those noises coming from? It can't be coming from the attic, could it?

Dark Creepy Attic

Dark Creepy Attic

A Halloween Scare

A loud noise woke me up.

It was 12:00 in the morning.

I called out to my older brother, but he did not respond.

I went downstairs to check if the doors were locked.

Then, I heard noises upstairs.

I went to go check, but the sounds grew louder.

I realized the noises were coming from the attic.

I grabbed my bat from my room for protection.

I kicked open the attic door and fell into shock.

When I saw the girl from my nightmares.

I couldn't move one inch.

She wore this little black dress.

She had the palest skin.

She gave me the creeps every time I saw her.

It felt like she was real.

Every time I awake from a nightmare...

It's like she never left.

© 2019 Mia Rose

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