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There's A Lot Here

I’m not street-wise or tough
I’m not crazy either, not that way
How do people like us survive
Money, booze, a lover if they’d only stay

I wonder what God thinks about it
I don't drink where prophets might appear
But he sees what I’m doing with my life
Is it my rebellion he admires or my fear?

What’s in my bloodstream
The ways of living, thoughts of dying
If you think I’m worth it
Talk to me talk to me
It’s the only chance we have

I think I’m the one my children trust
I want them to feel the safety of love inside
I won’t teach them about a worldly heart
Someone else is the example I will never side

I’m craving something
I’m weak enough to cry
But strong enough to pray
It’s the nerve to ask for grace

What’s in my bloodstream
The ways of love, thoughts of loss
I think you’re worth it
I’m talking to you, to you
It’s the things I know how to say

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