The Rebirth

Updated on October 13, 2017
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Nestor is a student of university of benin,currently studying industrial chemistry,who believes his love for literary work came from God


Up from the ash i rose
I rose up in a new form
Just like the Phoenix born from fire and ash
And like the sun rising in the horizon
I arose

I am no longer the old me
I will no longer seek your approval
Or beg for your permission
I will remain true to myself and be who I am

I died because i let you dictate my life
I was buried because i let you choice my opinion
But now
no more
I am alive again
And I will be myself

Who am i you ask
I am a misunderstood teenager
Trying to find his way in the world
I am a complicated child
Trying to find his way in the world
I am a young adult
Who is lost
But you know what
I am me and will remain me

So this is my rebirth


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