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There was Once a Flower

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Poem dedicated to rare friend, late Engineer Eyitayo Ebunlomo, death does not allow our friendship to grow beyond thirteen years.

1. Harmattan has passed we

Are moving towards full

Blown raining season in

The land I live

2. First rain has been

Witnessed though short ‘n’ brief

Animals and humans felt

Its effect on their skins

3. Perspiration reduced, temperatures dropped

Internal environment knows the

Changes and are relieved

Of this climate change

4. The earth surface that

Has earlier been dusty

Yea not appealing ain’t

Left out of the changes

5. The surface of the

Earth becomes refreshed as

New grasses and flowers

Started to spring up

6. The earth surface becomes

Beautified by green grasses ‘n’

Flowers that have sprout

Up everywhere this morning

7. Out of these flowers

I found a unique

One which I moved

Close to and play’d with

8. I used something to

Protect this adorable flow’r

When I was leaving for

My place of work

9. It’s scent I continue

To perceive for a very

Long-while, while off

The site of its location

10. I do not allow

The photo of its

Beauty to leave my

Memory for a second

11. I couldn’t wait for

The day’s work to

Be over for I was

Eager to see it again

12. By the time I

Got to the site,

I discover’d something weird

Flow’r though still on stem

13. But it wasn’t as

I left it earlier

In the morning because

It has withered off

14. Oh! Sun has shriveled

The adorable flower the

Scents are gone with

All its beautiful features

15. Didn’t know when the

Bag on my hand

Dropped, sat down beside

The once beautiful flower

16. Oh! Beautiful flower how

Could you appear for

Such a transient time?

Why did you leave early?

17. Thou left when I

Needed you most, you

Left when I look

Forward to wondrous association

18. You left when I

Want to give you

More attention, you left

When you ‘r to be celebrated

19. Oh! Adorable flower. Oh!

Rare one! You came

Across me and gave

Me things to reflect on

20. My mien was changed

During the short time

Of seeing you on earth

I shall surely miss thee


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