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There is too much temptation


I look up at the clouds and wonder if god is watching me,

Maybe he’s too busy with other pressing issues, or maybe he’s testing me,

My mind is clouded, my thoughts are sinful. I feel the opposite of glee,

They sell me an escape route and I can’t stop myself from becoming another vendee.

I try to think with the rock in my head, but end up doing it with the stones between my legs,

My parents raised me right and god was always by my side, but lately I’ve forsaken him.

Everyday I try not to sin but it’s never enough and now my soul is barely dangling by a thread,

I can’t bring myself to enter those four walls with the symbol on top, everything looks grim.

I get on my knees and look up at the ceiling, but I know no one’s listening,

And if this really is a test, he knows I’m failing.

Something went wrong along the way because I know it wasn’t like this in the beginning,

I seek guidance from the heavens because I am definitely not prevailing.

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