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There Is More


Sometimes in my head, the world stands still

And I wonder, is this all?

Is there more to life?

As I wonder, the trees move and dance to the wind.

The clouds hang in the sky, like large balls of cotton candy

Then they drizzle to the earth, where the grass and flowers lie

The dry sand turns to mud,

And the sun hides its face

I stare at the rain and its beautiful

But is there more?

More beyond the leaking sky?

More beneath the wet ground?

Is there more to my life?

Is there a God?

Does he know me?

Does he see me watching?

I've always believed in a God.

In my imaginations, he's tall and very good looking,

He has kind eyes and a gentle smile

His curly hair is colorful, but not rainbow-looking,

He has a deep laugh; I think he laughs at my antics all the time

I also believe he loves me,

Some people call him a crutch

But to me, he's more like a friend

I think he's smart and he loves art

Have you seen the way the night sky lights up?

It's like a thousand fireflies blanketed the darkness,

Then morning comes, the sun says hi, illuminating the world,

Do you remember the last time you saw a rainbow?

It's like God dipped a large brush into different colors of paint and brushed his way through the sky

I heard once that God knows me by name

It felt intimate and warm

There is more to life

More than our eyes can see

More than our minds can understand

There is beauty in the world,

There is love even amidst the hate

There is light in the darkness

My light is God. He is my safe place

He makes me see things differently,

What is your light?

What is your safe place?

I hope you find peace amid the chaos this world brings

I hope you find more.

© 2021 Emmanuella

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