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There Was That Special Time

That We All Capture In Our Mind

That made us feel incredible

Unstoppable and unbelievable

That we didn't have to try

We just flowed with confidence

Overjoyed with affection and satisfaction

These are the moments I live for

I search for

I grab hold of and slowly dissect every little aspect

They make me complete

The more I investigate

The more astonishing feelings I find

There is no limit

I have noticed that sometimes

These precious sweet spots of our life

Our pretty slick

They slide quickly like a baseball player stealing a base

When the pitcher wasn't paying attention

Coming in faster than storm clouds covering the whole sky in minutes

Then strike like lightning

Fast and furious

Ending in glory

Winning not just the game

Winning in life

Your life

The one that you make and mold every day

The same one that you deserve all the credit

Because it is you

That creates these seconds of magic

There is no script

You have put in years of practice

Sometimes unknowlingly

By making the right choices

The result is clear

The feeling that was uncomprehensible

Don't worry if it appears to disappear

It is far from gone

All you have to do

Is focus on that powerful urge

Welcome that southern comfort that travels deep under the surface

One day soon

When you least expect it

It will happen again

The feelings of joy will be overwhelming

The flutter of your eyes

That you felt and hoped nobody did see

Your heavy breathing stopped

Reminded once again

How beautiful your life is

You are the believer and doer

So when you get a moment

Think back to this fabulous time

Reconnect your body with your mind

To be all align in such a fashion

With such a wonderful passion