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There Was Once A Great Nation....

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.


There once was a nation that the world looked up to

They were the defenders of good, the way great nations ought to

The indigenous who lived there new the land was blessed

But died day by day as the conquerors becomes evil and obsessed

They brought Black men, women and children to work as slaves

For the wealthy was conceived in greed and power they craved

The slaves rioted and killed their oppressors and soon became free

That was centuries ago, funny today it is being played on TV

Black people wanting something simple as equality of rights in a Nation they built

As the white remain silent drinking wine to swallow the guilt

Lady Justice, blind folded to mean the law doesn’t discriminate

But that blindfold means Justice doesn’t see the white hate

There once was a great nation,

Many left their homes to be a part of

Working day and night, sweeping streets to make the dream work they are a part of

But then, then the hate of a President of color emerged

As the white nation discarded his achievements and plastered his seat with negative words

Then they voted for a President to make the Nation White again

As the police and the financial Institutions inflicted injustice and pain

Judges sentencing Black men for decades in prison for a crime payable in months

Banks denying loans underneath the racist stunt

Black men walking dogs and gets arrested for having pets

Sometimes I wonder for who did Jesus Wept

The Silence of the lambs, yes, those white folks we call our friends

Didn’t stand beside me when they were killing us again

But let there be justice for the man who grew dogs to fight

But shut up if the white cop killed an unarmed Black man last night

I know most of you will not understand until you come back dark skinned

Then you realize, that something you have no control of, because your worst sin.

© 2020 Clive Williams