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There Was A Time Like No Other

A Really Hot Day

It was a Saturday

On the twenty-third of June

The year was 2001

The morning started off with a light rain

Soon after it cleared and the sun came out

For me, it was too much too fast

Many people all relatives and friends

Came to see

My wife and I

Take our vows

My wife looked gorgeous in her wedding gown

Walking away as Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arrigo

The day had many ups and downs

A detour took the bride and all her brides mates on a different route

My little usher dropped the ring

Only to see one of the brides mates( my sister inlaw) pass out at the alter

Some people had too much to drink

A disagreement with one of my ushers caused an argument

Lots of dancing and food

My wife and I

Were busy celebrating

All good things must come to an end

Because my best man was fixing some trouble and keeping the police away

My wife and I almost had to grab a ride with my cousin to the airport

He showed up at the last minute and saved the day

Off to our Honeymoon in the Caribbean

Love has a happy ending after all

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