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The Rabbit in The Moon ~ a Poem

John values the use of humour and enjoys writing and reading limericks and jokes. He is a fan of Dr. Seuss, Edward Lear and Shel Silverstein

Image edited by John Hansen using Picfont

Image edited by John Hansen using Picfont

So You Don't Think There Is a Rabbit in The Moon?

This rather humorous, or nonsense poem, came about because of a discussion I had with Brenda Arledge in regard to her wonderful poem 'Man in The Moon.' I told Brenda that I didn't see a man's face when I look at The Moon, but instead I actually see a rabbit.

Part of the conversation went like this:

Brenda: "A rabbit???

I've got to see a picture. time I get to see the moon, I'll look to see if I can see a rabbit.

It won't be tonight it is snowing & will probably be overcast.

A rabbit??? Must be a different viewpoint. Lol."

John: "Yes, a different perspective obviously. I definitely see long ears there, kind of like one of those chocolate bunnies you get at Easter. We're down under here, maybe we see the Moon upside down lol."

Brenda: "John

You're cracking me up. Lol!!

Just 'cause you're down under...I doubt if it's upside down, but I'll try to picture my moon upside down & let ya know.

Chocolate Bunny Rabbit ears...

This has got to be the first for the Man in the Moon.

Are you sure it's the Moon? Maybe it's an alien planet that only Aussies can see."

John: "Now who's cracking who up? I know we are a long way away but...actually, we do see different star constellations here in the Southern Hemisphere like the Southern Cross, so maybe anything is possible. But's a rabbit and I'm sticking to it. Now, I think I need to write a poem about it."

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.

— George Carlin

The Moon as we see it (turned slightly)

The Moon as we see it (turned slightly)

The Rabbit in the Moon

There is a rabbit in the Moon,

I saw him one fine night in June.

The ears were clear, his face was too

And two big feet, as rabbits do.

Other people see a man,

And that’s okay, see what you can.

But I am sure I see a bunny,

Though you think I’m being funny.

They say the Moon’s made of green cheese,

If that’s the case I’d like some please.

Maybe what’s there is not a rabbit,

Perhaps my eyes have formed a habit.

Maybe it’s just an enormous mouse

Who couldn’t fit in any house.

At least green cheese would keep him fat

Low gravity may help him with that.

Or possibly a big eared-rat

Trying to escape space cats.

But now I’m given pause to ponder,

Of a Rabbit in the Moon, I’m fonder.

If there’s a Man, he has a pet,

Depends just how your eyes are set.

Or maybe when the cow jumped over

It stayed there ‘cause there’s lots of clover.

Next time we send Apollo there,

Photos back to Earth they’ll share.

Then I will have the proof I need,

Of the Rabbit In the Moon, I’ve seen.

Irrefutable proof of the Rabbit in the Moon

Irrefutable proof of the Rabbit in the Moon

The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen.

— Shannon L. Alder

A Special Request

Since I wrote the above poem, a number of people have begun looking at the face of the Moon a little more closely, and one of my friends Doris James “MizBejabbers” informed me that she could actually see a Great Dane’s face. After taking another look I could see that MizB could possibly be right, though I still prefer the rabbit.

Anyway, she asked me very nicely if I would write a poem based on what she saw. The following is that poem and I added it to this article as a result.

I have never seen a man on the moon, so I thought I'd look for a rabbit. You just about had me convinced with your cute art, but then I looked again at the original photo.

At first I didn't see anything, but after I cocked my head at an angle, guess what I saw. The face of a Great Dane! Yes, there is a Great Dane on the Moon, but only its face! Wish I could write poetry so I could write about it. Maybe you can write it for me, pretty please.

Keep us laughing, my friend.

— MizB

I See a Great Dane in the Moon

When you gaze at the full moon

What is it that you see?

The mottled surface of a sphere?

Just think what it could be.

Many say they see a man,

“A rabbit!” someone said.

But I see something quite unique,

I see a Great Dane’s head.

A Great Dane? Yes, you heard me right,

A big and lanky pet.

There’s one right there on the Moon’s face,

As clear as you can get.

You can see its nose and muzzle,

Its tongue stuck partly out.

I’m certain it’s a Great Dane,

Of that I have no doubt.

If you can’t see a Great Dane

You’re not looking at it right.

Just tilt your head a little,

And make sure it’s a clear night.

Moon gazing is like watching clouds,

Though the Moon does not change form.

Well, yes it goes through cycles,

But the full moon is the norm.

“There’s a Great Dane staring down at you,

A watch dog in the Moon…”

That would make one crazy love song

To hear true lovers croon.

© 2021 John Hansen

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