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There’s Nothing to Lose

Rosualdo is just an ordinary person with an extraordinary God, who wants to spread God’s words and love through writing articles and poems.


I am afraid to lose any essential thing

Worried to see nothing in the morning

Troubled to hold anything from nothing

And distressed that everything will be missing

But I am useless to let it stay forever

Unable to maintain and hold everything in order

Incapable to protect it from any power

And helpless to resist the damaging disaster

When our Savior suffer and die on the cross

Redeem mankind from painful and eternal loss

Resurrected and won against death’s haughty pose

I conclude, that with God there’s nothing to lose

There’s nothing to lose when our life is in the Lord

We can rely on every faithful promise of his word

Do not be afraid to lose anything that belongs to the world

Just entrust everything to the hands of the Lord

When we are dying, we are living

When we are giving, we are receiving

When we are losing, we are gaining

There’s nothing to lose anything

Let us combat the terror of fear

Face the frightening worry and conquer

Overcome it with God’s strength and power

And remember, there’s nothing to lose forever

© 2021 Rosualdo Ponce