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There Is Nothing Like a Nice Apple to Sink My Teeth in To

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An Incredible Treat

Anytime of day

A good late night snack

A quick pick me up

I love a nice crisp apple

It takes a bite out of my day

Gala and Honey Crisp are my favorites

When I was younger

There was nothing like a nice Delicious apple

That would make my mouth water

Lately I found them too big and a bit dry

A green apple would nock my socks off

The sour taste was a good eye opener

Any apple will really do

How would you like an apple right about now ?

For years it was easy snack

I would eat right down to the core

Until there was almost nothing left

I could quickly grab it and go

Now I have my wife spoiled too

She loves when I surprise her with an apple

I cut it up and cover it with some whip cream

It never interfered with supper

Right about now

What kind of apple would please you ?

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