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There Is Nothing Like A Good Movie

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When You Watch One You Feel It

It pulls at your heart strings

For me it is light comedy

It doesn't need a lot of swearing

A few innuendos will bridge the gap

With an underlying positive message

Twists and turns that aren't always predicatable

Good humor and fast paced

The actors and actresses performances are moving

I am always surprised what it takes to make a good script

After a good movie I am wiped out

I need some time to myself

That is where I try to process

The movie that I enjoyed

With all the movies made

How many movies make the grade?

Some might make the first round cut

Then fail to deliver in the end

Leave you feeling empty

When you first began watching

You were pleasantly surprised

Shocked at the turn of events

Wishing and wanting to go up and above

Begins to unravel

They skip around too much

I lose interest

The movie that can make you want to

Stay in your seat

Even when your bladder begging for relief

The final question is yet to be answered

Would you watch it again?

The answer is yes

I watched a movie called Instant Family

It had just the right amount of believablity

With just enough humor to carry it through

It brought some light to adoption and it's challanges

It is not for everyone

The children have dealt with a lot of issues

Some we can handle and some we never thought about

Life is not black and white

But so many variations of every color under the sun

I would reccomend it to a friend

You might walk away

With a tear in your eye

Life doesn't guarantee happiness

With some work

We can make a tough situation better than it used to be

Then we can dream of different ways

To leave us with the happiness we so deserve

Here is a little clip to get you enticed

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