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There Is No Time Like Yesterday

Breaking All The Rules

It's time to get serious

What is it about life that drives us out of our mind?

The uncertainty of the thoughts in our mind

Where do they come from

A little of everything we have ever learned

Mixed in a certain way

To bring about a new thought

One that other people may have thought

But they never did anything with it

We have this great opportunity

We are like the goose who laid the golden egg

All we have to do is discover what are mind already knows

Why do we doubt our own thoughts?

Like they are not good enough

They are not only good enough

They are so much more

Powerful and intriguing

They are enough to fascinate you for the rest of your life

You have to look no further

In a world with so many different and unique things

You fit right in

Spend your time wisely

Keep learning and discovering

You will be

What you always dreamed you could be

In the end you will see more than you can imagine

© 2021 DREAM ON

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