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There Is No Greater Love!

Terrie is a mother and her love of writing poetry, music, and quotes have led her back, to explore more of her creative side.

Jesus Is Love

Jesus died for us.

He was born the son of man.

He walked and talked throughout the land.

Preaching about the Kingdom

And his love for man.

Due to common belief.

He died like a thief.

Betrayed by a mortal man.

He gave his perfect life.

In exchange for our sins..

What a great sacrifice.

There's no greater love for our life.

More precious than gold.

No, it can't be sold.

He made way for a better life.

Let's remember his death.

As we take, each breath.

Give thanks, we are in his hands.

Not those of mortal man.

Then he rose again.

Taking his rightful place.

Watching over every race.

So love your brother.

Take care of your mother.

Because of his rule.

We are not fools.

Your love has freed us.

Our love will lead us.

So thank you, Jesus.

For everything, you've done.

We will remember.

Jesus loves us. JOHN 3:16

Jesus loves us. JOHN 3:16

© 2017 Terrie Lynn

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