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There Is No Better Time

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To Push Your Way Through

The day was great

All things were looking up

My feelings were on an all time high

Then out of the blue

Things changed quite suddenly

Unexpected and totally caught me by surprise

Do to a chain of circumstances beyond my control

I mishap or mistake that sometimes happens

An error in judgement that I did not know till later

A drastic change in health

My day went from being in my top ten

To the bottom of the barrel

This is when we are tested

To rise above with all our energy and power

To slowly change with the correct course of action

There is no other way

Keep it together and make it work

Do what we must do

Prove that we are here no matter what

Holding our love ones in close

Finding little ways to make things better

It is far from easy

Realizing we must make the next move

Each step we take creates more action

We know it is the right thing to do

We have to get our head in the game

Straighten our tie and look our best

Figure out a better solution

Than the one we have just seen

Take that anger and sadness

Make it something beautiful and nice

There is no time to be down right mean

Turn frustration into concentration

Uncertainty to possibility

Remember a time that was so special

When things and events were really so different

Bringing the two times closer and closer together

Until one day they become one

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