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There Is A World Out There, We Have Yet To See

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From Dreams To Reality When Shall Both Worlds Meet

I go to bed at night

Close my eyes

Within minutes I can guarantee

I am sound asleep

I am a great sleeper

There is one exception to the rule

When I don't feel good

I begin to toss and turn

That's when I know something is wrong

My body is trying to tell me something

All it's energy is being used to correct the problem

In the beginning I am mad

I want to go to sleep and I can't

I get up and try to make myself tired

As I open my laptop and struggle

It is at that moment I feel deep emotion

I think of so many other people that can't sleep

They have this problem on a regular basis

There reason may be a medical one

A back issue where they can't get comfortable

A sleep disorder where their own body fights itself

Their own mind won't shut off

There are too many thoughts

Constantly running through their head

So for this brief moment in time

I feel there pain

Today was about how to transfer

What's going on in my dream state

To my awake state

I lay in bed and thought this incredible thought

One that I felt I would never forget

It was so vivid and clear

I knew it would be a good story to tell

As Charlotte our cat

Disturbed me from this dream I was having

I knew it was time to get up

Put it on the computer

While it was still fresh in my mind

I made the fatal mistake

Of not writing a few thoughts of this idea

One or two prompt words

That could easily bring me back this very second

Something to trigger this important story that I feel

By the time I got my bathrobe

Through on some booty slippers

I turned the kitchen light on

Typed my password into my laptop

The thought was gone

All those amazing thoughts disappeared

I can't think of what I was thinking

So as I write about this experience

I am sitting here perplexed

Still hopeful something might jog my mind

Waiting for any quick thought to show itself

One ah-ha moment

It has been almost an hour now

I am going to give my mind a break

This was not the story I was suppose to write

I still feel good

These thoughts I am thinking

Are brought in the open

From my creative mind

To deep to be clearly understood

Not a waste of time

Off my chest and put to rest