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There Is A Time And A Place For Everything

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How I Search For Thee

I am not where I want to be

I am where I am supposed to be

Even though I look at each day as twenty-four hours

When will I understand it is time with no beginning and no end ?

We separate our days even further into months

Months we break down into years

What if our life is just one long day

Continuing without end

Where we get to see with our eyes

All the things we have created

Then dream to create more of the world we want

Our minds are our paintbrushes

We are all artists and each life that we live is our own canvas

To draw on and change

So when you go to sleep at night

Draw away and create the most wonderful things

The only limits are ones that you set

Be careful because whatever you create

It can be harmful and destructive

You would never create with that in mind

That is the way we learn

So the beauty of it all

When this happens

All we have to do

Is go back to the drawing board

Make the necessary changes

As simple as using spell check

Slowly changes will take place

What once was unpleasant and awful

Is now a picture of beauty and brilliance

A real work of art

There is one more thing

Every work of art

Even though it is our own

Special and unique

It is one that blends in with everyone's artwork

Like the most wonderful jigsaw puzzle ever created

That not only connects to another piece

But many pieces at different times

To create not one masterpiece but many

So as you open your eyes

Close them quickly again

Create my friend

A world we all can be so proud of

One that makes life worth living

Challenging and fulfilling

Dream the best dreams

You are always in control

Let your heart guide you

Not to a place that you are

To a place where you always wanted to be

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