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There Is A Right And A Wrong What About The Grey Area?


For That Is Where My Life Is

I have never been the head of my class

I am also lucky not to be the bottom of every list

There were a few times

We will talk about them another time

Life is what we make of it

It is the hand that we have been dealt

Most of my life I fall somewhere smack in the middle

Then I got thinking

That is a big middle

Like the belly I have

Where did it come from?

It didn't just appear over night

Then where have I been?

That's also a story for another day

I am talking about people that do a good job

Go to work every day

Our happy with their own family

Trying to make it work now

So in the future

Life is easier

I don't want to be the richest in the world

I could enjoy being a little better off

I do a good job in and out of work

I do use a lot of i's

Maybe it could be

Can we live the life we want?

By enjoying what we do?

I certainly hope so

This is how I do it

I say Michael think

Think real hard for a solution

Inbetween a loud cough

That came out of know where

I go downstairs and throw some dirty laundry in the washer

At exactly 4:30 in the morning

I was going to do it an hour ago

Then I thought that is way to early

What is too early?

There I go again with crazy rules in my own head

They don't really exsist but they are still there

I have to think about this long and hard

How many things are in our mind

Just fabricated versions of some truth

That's all I have

Dirty laundry that won't clean itself

Be back when I am on the rinse cycle

Then soon I will feel a lot better with no smell

Look good also

Just the word clean always cheers me up

How about you ?

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