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There Comes A Time When Life Is So Different

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Years Have A Way Of Changing People

I like to look back at when I was young

I see and feel so many good memories

That carried me where I am today

The world has changed so much

It can scare your socks off

Then again I did not see

I have changed so much too

I am not that young man that use to go all day long

Without stopping to eat or sleep

Now I have to slow down

There are things that do remain the same

I can dream with the best of them

Reaching for something we do not see

Is easy for me

Believing in the impossible

Has made me so happy

Time and time again

Having unlimited passion and creativity

Living in a world of uncertainty

Where anything goes

Keeps me on my toes

My life has not turned out like I expected

I could not predict the turns of the future

What I can say

There are people in my life who have made my life incredible

They have taught me so much along the way

My parents, relatives and friends

Each have left their own impression

Now as the fifties roll closer to the sixties

I come closer to my wife

Who has been by my side

For over the past two decades

She has supported me

Trusted my decisions and positive attitude

She is not only along for the ride

She constantly makes me the happiest

As Christmas approaches and people rush to get things done

Going here and there

This Christmas we have done the opposite

We have spent more time with each other

Making sure we continue being on the same page

There are things we can't control

They don't just nibble

They have a way of taking a good chunk

Out of our butts

Through it all we depend on each other more than ever

We support every decision good or bad

Then we have to see it through

We learn the hard lessons

Life is not always easy

The high's are incredible

Our love never stops growing

The hurts take a long time to heal

As we look toward the future

We know so much more than we knew years ago

Then in the same breath we know so much less

Things that we thought were simple

Are now complicated

Things that we didn't expect

Have opened our eyes

Love has been our not only our cushion of comfort

It has been our constant driving force

That carries us through

Wakes us up in the morning

Gives us so much pleasure during the day

Then gives us simple joys

That keeps us close all during the night

We don't have to guess

We just know

So as we wish another beautiful Christmas for everyone

We hope you may find the love

That never stops giving

That never stops caring

That never stops sharing

So when this Christmas finally ends

A new countdown begins

You not only appreciate all you have

You understand there is so much more

Where we need to help other people

We are born with the ultimate gift

To give back to the world

That gives us so much

We can do this in spirit and in mind

Then when the time is right

You will know what to do

When you see a smile and hear the sounds of joy

You feel it in your heart

That's where a wonderful life really starts

© 2021 DREAM ON