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There Are Days We Just Have to Write

The Desire Is So Strong

I don't even have a foot on the floor

I can't wait to get to the laptop and write

My mind was stirring

My body couldn't take it anymore

Thoughts start coming

As fast as popcorn popping

I can close my eyes

I can let out a big sigh

My hands want to move as fast as they can

Across the keyboard to the next letter or vowel

No more thinking needed

The paper writes itself

I can stop and start

I can go constantly for a half hour at a time

Each line connects to the line before

My mind is an open door

With my both feet planted on the floor

Then again sometimes I cross my legs

It is whatever feels right

I breathe in

I drink some water

One thing is for sure

I don't want to stop

Years ago I would do this often with pen and paper

Rewrite my rough draft over and over again

Now todays writers have it easy

They can make corrections in a blink of an eye

They have spell check to correct as they go

They can even blow up the screen

So the words are larger than life

What a great feeling

When words run through our veins

Sometimes people want us to do other things

I simply say later

I am in a wonderful rhythm

I don't examine what I am thinking

I write half story half poem

All I know is it feels right

So if it is a story about the struggles of life

A few lines that rhythm

The sunlight that heats up my mind

From time to time

A good day that grew like a one hundred year Oak tree

Giving me great pleasure and beauty

Other people watch sports and get totally captivated

I sit down on a wooden kitchen chair and type away

Finding it fascinating

How thoughts just appear

I clear my mind and suddenly more thoughts are flying

One day we may better understand the connection between our thoughts and our actions

For now I love the constant interaction

My body calm and relaxed

Doing what I love best

Typing until my fingertips turn numb

What I started here

Can go on for pages at a time

Then all of a sudden it can stop on a dime

Some pleasures in life come easy

One more writing

I am more surprised than you

If you asked me earlier

What I might write

I didn't have a clue

Always a hidden secret

Waiting for the right time to be revealed

Then one day

This too will come to an end

For now I keep going

With a kindness and a little humor

I have a lovely satisfaction

Wondering what you may be thinking?

As we spend our time

On HubPages with our fellow writers

Coming back again and again

Finding not only life but wonderful friends

© 2021 DREAM ON

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