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Them Too

Sometimes I remember what I said
I try to make it a laugh
It's a light I can turn on and off
Depends who needs what
I don't know for sure though
If it's me or you I'm looking for

I'm not the one hanging at the tattoo parlor
Looks like that's the place for my daughter
I see her thinking of the light and the night
So I'll just wait to comfort her next mistake
That's how she'll know I'm her father
It's like that when from you their life they take

I could talk about being gin soaked and mean
But that's not my drink or my way
I'll pour a glass and pick a mood or two
Depends how long it is until midnight
Then I'll remember that's the time I once began
When tomorrow was how today chose to end

I believe in ghosts because I like old places
It can be your memories or mine
But that's how we bring people back alive
We hear the faint of rain like birds on the wing
Water down the gutters lingers like yesterday
And this song called Them Too is ours to sing

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