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Their Business Picked Up During the Recession #3

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I thanked her, as I handed over the duplicate of the invoice to her which is the needed one to be signed by the warehouse manager after checking those goods that they are complete. If the man does not see the invoice, he may not attend to the goods and they will move it to a

Side till the owner returns that is how they do in that company. When the person returns, the new customers would be attended to before the person whose goods have already been packed, for they will say why has he not waited. I handed the receipt’s duplicate to her, to

Present to the warehouse manager to sign on my behalf and the goods be released to her. After doing this, I hurriedly left the place, chartered a bike to take me to the second company. When I got to the place, I met two customers there which gladdens my heart. In no time, it

Was my turn and was attended to by the staff there, I paid for what I have ordered and the goods were checked. Under forty minutes I have finished everything in the company and I was on my way back to the initial company where your mother is waiting for me. By the time

I get to the company the warehouse manager was about to check my load and your mother hands over the receipt back to me asking me if I get to the place at all for she knows the place was far and was thinking maybe I turn back on the road. But I reply that I got to the

Place and my goods are with the security because they will not allow me to carry those goods inside. She was surprised and told me that she will wait for me at the security post. After my goods have been checked they were packed for me and I carried them to the gate to

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Arrange them together and leave the place for my island. It was at the gate that we continued our discussion thanking her for being there for me and she says it is a pleasure as she has not even done anything because I arrived on time. It was at the gate that we

Exchanged our addresses, and I promised to visit her one of the weekends because I will be coming for a function at the island then. Your mother replied that will be on the lookout for my coming. This was how we began our closeness. The following weekend, I visit the

Island purposely because of her, for I say combining two things together would not augur well as I would not be able to discuss with her as I will love to. She was happy to see me, and we really had nice moments together that day, for as she was attending to customers she was

Also attending to me. When I told her I will be on my way she does not want me to leave her again but I have to leave. Your mother would also me a visit in his island the following weekend. From this visitations we got to know each other deeper and our marital status and

Being in the same business we considered it wise to join our business together. The sure means of us joining our business together is coming together as one, that was how we got engaged and before that year runs off we have come together as one. However, what we

Thought about, which is that our coming together would bring about increment and growth in our businesses never work as we have anticipated because then we are married and our stores have been merged together, we are living under the same roof, we have to pay House and store rents, feed ourselves and pay for other daily needs.


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