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Their Business Picked Up During the Recession #2

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While we were awaiting the warehouse manager’s return to sign our documents and check if they are correct, the father was thinking of going to another company very far off, give or take about the holdup on the road anyone who will leave the company where we were

To the other company would spend about thirty minutes on the road before he gets to the other company. After getting to the other company the person would also have to submit his order list, which would be valued, from where he will go and pay at the cashier before the

Invoice is issued. The issued invoice will be given to the messenger who will take it to the warehouse staff who will select his items. After doing this, the warehouse manager will check the goods, signs it, while the owner also signs that his goods are complete and would load the

Goods to his vehicle either rented or his own and would drive out of the company. Those who do not have vehicles like us would load their goods into a sack and would carry it to the entrance of the company from whence he will be looking for commercial vehicles to carry

Those loads to wherever he is going after they have bargained for the price. As I sit waiting for the warehouse manager which the people say has been called by the branch manager of the company for an urgent meeting, I was checking my wrist watch calculating

The time with my brain how I am going to make the trip to the second company carry my loads and would leave the island early for my own island to sell my goods. This island is not far from where the companies are unlike other people who have come from the ends of the


Republic to the island to purchase those goods. As I was checking my wrist watch I was hissing obviously disturbed because my program and time have been altered. While in this position the maiden by me has been noticing me and has been calming me down, but when

The warehouse manager is not forthcoming I have to ask the young maiden by my side if she could do me a favor. The maiden who is now your mother replies that she will be glad to do anything for me. Then I told her that I want to go to another company, to get some other

Goods, and I want to leave for the place immediately to order for the goods before the company goes on break. The woman says she hopes to leave the company immediately she is being attended to, because the person she has left to be overseeing her store has just been

Employed she has little idea about the business, and customers could be funny sometimes if they do not see the owner of the store and the sales girl there is not up and doing she said. I pleaded with her to please be of assistance to me, praying that there would be no problem

With her sales girl that customers would not ask her goods that she does not know. She answered amen, saying she will give it a thought as she bends her head where she is sited beside me, I was subsumed in thought praying internally that she would agree with me. Your

Mother’s store then is in the same island as those companies unlike the me talking with her, who travels from another island of about an hour’s drive, to the island to buy my goods from the companies located in the island. Because her store is located in the island where

Those companies are, she usually goes to each company a day and would not combine the trip together like I do. While she hangs her head on her palms thinking about what she will do, about a minute after this she raises her said saying she will help me, telling me that I Should not take long before I return, because it is stated that anyone that thou have might to assist is your neighbor, be of assistance to him or her.


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