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Their Business Picked Up During the Recession #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


He is the last born of the family, from the observations, it has been noticed that the last born of families are well taken care of by their parents, they will not want anything to touch the last born, they are overtly being protected by their parents. In fact when their siblings are

Rebuking and correcting them for what they are doing that is wrong, their parents would be cutting them short, saying they should leave their child alone that when they come of age they will know better and would adjust. Because the last born receive the support of their

Parents as this, it has been studied that they usually misbehave, fumble, except few ones among them. This is his position in the family this was what he enjoyed when he was young, even until when he becomes an adult, he still enjoys the blessings of his parents and his

Siblings because his family is a unique one where everyone loves each other there is unity in the family. Also his parents have told their elder ones that they should take care of their baby for them, and if he has done them any wrong they should bring his report unto them.

Because of these, he knows no suffering while growing up until he becomes an adult because everything is always handy for him. He did not suffer like other siblings of his parents who have been given birth to when their parents were still struggling, borrowing to

Keep their business on. Their parents have grown old and have business that is well established, their father has called the eldest son to come and take up the control of the business but he being a medical doctor says he has no interest in the business, the same goes

With his junior siblings, none of them want to take over the business from their parents. The last born of the family who has just finished from High School has told his elder siblings that he wants to take over the company from their parents since none of them is interested in

Ohiare Julius, the last born, Abeokuta Nigeria

Ohiare Julius, the last born, Abeokuta Nigeria

Taking over the business from their parents. His elder ones have wished him well, but they said in their opinion they thought he would finish his degree before thinking about such, but he replied that no one knows the time of death and their parents health are deteriorating by

Hours, he will want them to properly hand over to him before their demise. After he has taken up the business from them, and he has established himself in the business and knows how the thing works, he can return to school maybe as a part time student and even if it will

Full time basis he will be in the executive cadre he replies them. Since he has made up his mind his elder siblings did not counter him again and they wish him well in what his mind has chosen to do. Not long after making this decision, and everything was formally handed

Over to him, his father died, two months after the burial of his father, his mother also died. His siblings were surprised at the incident but they were elated that he has a good insight into what he wants to do, for assuming he delays further the transaction and the

Handing over would not have been seamless. Before the demise of their parents, they told him the story of their business so that he will know that all they have achieved is through hard work and dedication. Both us are business persons from our youth days because then

Education is not as common as this. We have come across each other while purchasing goods at one of the companies from whence we used to buy things in bulk. Our coming together must have been ordained by God because we have been meeting each other for a

While but have not taken interest in each other until that day after they had gotten to the company and paid for the goods, the warehouse manager was not around to check what they have bought, and everyone is there waiting for his arrival. No customer could have access to his or her goods until the warehouse manager signs their papers.