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“ The Battle “

The Battle.


The Battle

Tears ebb and flow, unsure of the course to follow, do I face and grieve or ignore and let go? I am beyond the vision you see; To see my life in its true form, the " being ", I Am, would cause most to cower and run, as I face the Devils son.

My spiritual battle is never-ending, clashes of insanity, blows of death and conformity. He taunts and manipulates me, culls my weaknesses, shows me the failures in my life, tries to convince me that i am something I know I'm not!

He casts lucid hallucinations, stories told but never lived, memories unfold, not mine not his. He tries to lure me in to a false image, a false life. I scream, because i know who I am, I know what life I lived, I know I am me, dont I?

I plunge into battle!!!

I move and i parry, my breath is getting thin, I block and counter, my resolve dwindles, I lunge and slice, I miss my mark and now I am left open, vulnerable!

My enemy, falters, confused by my indecision, unsure of why my sword is at my side....

In his confusion...

It is then that I strike, a deep punishing blow, and as i bury the blade deep within his flesh...

I feel

the burn of the cut,

as i look down and realize,

it is i,

it is me,

i am my own worst enemy!

Chris Rowe


Christopher Rowe (author) from Chilliwack on October 08, 2019:

Wow Lorna. That’s probably the best compliment I have ever had. Thank you for that! Thank you!

Lorna Lamon on October 08, 2019:

Hi Chris, Once again a truly memorable piece which took me on a journey of discovery. I enjoyed the many nuances within this powerful poem which could only ever reach the conclusion that very often we are our own worst enemy. You are a gifted writer.

Christopher Rowe (author) from Chilliwack on October 07, 2019:

Kathy, wow I am so honoured! Thank you for the amazing words of support! I was worried about this one, but thank you!! Truly appreciated!

Kathy Henderson from Pa on October 07, 2019:


This was painfully beautiful and honest. Truth is people don't want to admit that the enemy is often thy self. As humans succumb to lies, and manipulations of opinion or judgment. Your depiction of the battle within was eloquent in its delivery. I look forward to more reads from you.

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