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“ The Battle “

The Battle.


The Battle

Tears ebb and flow, unsure of the course to follow, do I face and grieve or ignore and let go? I am beyond the vision you see; To see my life in its true form, the " being ", I Am, would cause most to cower and run, as I face the Devils son.

My spiritual battle is never-ending, clashes of insanity, blows of death and conformity. He taunts and manipulates me, culls my weaknesses, shows me the failures in my life, tries to convince me that i am something I know I'm not!

He casts lucid hallucinations, stories told but never lived, memories unfold, not mine not his. He tries to lure me in to a false image, a false life. I scream, because i know who I am, I know what life I lived, I know I am me, dont I?

I plunge into battle!!!

I move and i parry, my breath is getting thin, I block and counter, my resolve dwindles, I lunge and slice, I miss my mark and now I am left open, vulnerable!

My enemy, falters, confused by my indecision, unsure of why my sword is at my side....

In his confusion...

It is then that I strike, a deep punishing blow, and as i bury the blade deep within his flesh...

I feel

the burn of the cut,

as i look down and realize,

it is i,

it is me,

i am my own worst enemy!

Chris Rowe

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