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The Sunset


Have seen days come and go... Today was different, or maybe I was different am not sure.
I was talking to myself like really having a real conversation( forget the times I talk to the sky hoping I'd get some response.... ) and it felt great.
. I don't know what to blame it on really, cause have been sober for a while now.... Everything's much clearer now, but still the same...
I smiled today , I said hello to someone I really hate and they said hello back and there was some cynical smile.. Normally that would piss me off but it didn't.. It still doesn't
I didn't have my music with me, so everything was so vivid and clear, the birds.. The breezes, animal noises.... I could almost swear it was something close to some beat I know..... The sunset.....
The sunset, haven't been paying attention to any for a while now but today's sunset was spectacular..... I even had to sit with my legs crossed ( whoever saw me must have thought that there's something definitely wrong with me... ) ........

.. The air was different, had this soothing feeling with it that made me feel like I was levitating or something... The horizon was reddish, which made my eyes pop.... And how everything blended up just so perfectly made me feel at peace.....
The sunset... It just lit me up from the inside.... Felt like I tapped into a ' me ' I never knew existed ...
... The sunset

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