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Truth Always Prevails

Ravi Rajan is a software program director who writes on varied subjects from history, archaeology to leadership and writing techniques

The Background

This is an acrostic poem inspired by Brenda's Arledge's week 11 prompt "Proof". The poem tells the true story of a fearless journalist who not only exposed a corrupt system but also ushered in a new era of transparency and ethics.

The success of the journalist in fighting and winning against all odds is proof that truth always validates its invincibility at the end, no matter how impossible it initially appears to be.

As the great Elvis Presley has rightly said.

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away

— Elvis Presley

Truth Always Prevails

They threatened him with dire consequences,
Ruffians roughed up his loved ones,
Unruly mobs demolished his hard-earned office,
Terror squads squashed his passionate followers,
Hoodlums closed down his fledgling newspaper.

Acrid allegations were leveled against him,
Liars conspired to hasten his downfall,
Witnesses were purchased, the jury was bribed,
Accounts were frozen, and political games were played.
Yet, he braved on, continuing his unequal struggle,
Suffering unimaginable horrors; he exposed the corrupt system.

Public outcry reached a crescendo,
Revolutions ignited in every nook and corner,
Effigies were burnt, politicians scampered for cover,
Victims valiantly came forward, and the system soon crumbled.
A new order emerged; he became a hero.
Intellectuals chartered a vibrant democratic constitution,
Laws were enacted, and his success proved the inevitable,
Swords and scimitars can never subjugate the mighty pen.

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