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The Trollop an Accountant and Me (poem)


The trollop an accountant and me

Were set adrift at sea

And to start thing right

We agreed to fight

The trollop an accountant and me


It struck upon the three

The trollop the accountant and me

We are in a mess

To this I must confess

It was you who was careless.

Not the issue here we should address

Is there a path in this for our eventual success

Our words they do impress

But words regress less free

Are a trollop an accountant and me


We all share a common boat

And the boat is still afloat

Perhaps we still have hope

The trollop and accountant they looked at me

Small wonder with a rhyme like that, you can’t see


And so I could not see

The world’s a part of me

All things drift in a sea

We share eternity

With the trollop the accountant in me

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