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The Traveller

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Blue skies painted the vast atmosphere,
As I travel solo on a place not so near.
Contemplating on my journey that I arrive
To how can I improve my own life?

Melancholy it seems to be,
As the boat sails slowly in the sea
Inspired on the beauty that surrounds me,
As deep as the ocean beneath me.

As I look in the mirror I saw reality,
That before looking unto others I should first see me.
Time to love myself more,
Its not pride nor ego to adore.

I'm off to a land surrounded by the sea
Ironically it is alone yet many enchanted with thee.
Like how I live my life with family and friends,
Who's always there until my dying end.

But knowing thy self is not that bad,
It helps me to discover why I am sad,
Or perhaps happy when I'm carefree,
Oh what do you think will be my destiny?

It's not selfish to unravel myself,
I've been hiding my story inside the shelf.
Time to open, time to explore.
Once I walked away from the door.

Shy and timid, what I used to be,
Afraid for people to see the real me.
Now I'm out bound to search the higher ground,
Why life's meaning had been profound?

The wind kissed my cheeks,
The ray of light streaks ,
The glory of the shining sun underneath my skin,
I'm sharing this story to my next kin.

Before, I'm lonely but not alone.
Now, I love the company of my own.
Next time, I'll be on the right track.
I shall be whole again when I come back.

© 2019 Janis

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