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The Strangers (poem)


I was doing my dishes,I think I was

When from my front room I heard a buzz

I went to inspect as one normally does

There was a man face covered with fuzz


I make the shoe

Then I make two

He needs a few

I’ll make a slew


I start speaking to the man Why are you here

How on earth did you get in I need to hear

Do you understand Am I making myself clear

He just keeps making shoes.He doesn’t veer


Well I said Hi

Why no reply

He must be shy

Weird little guy


I’m not trying to be rude, please understand.

I have to run

I appreciate the shoes. They’re really all so grand.

These shoes should stun

We both have to admit their number’s out of hand.

He has a ton

To go to bed ‘bout now, is more of what I’d planned.

Rest now we’re done


Have a good night

I hope that all your dreams are equally as bright

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