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I Saw Africa Rising

I Saw Africa Rising

Yesterday I saw Africa's children full

Africa had given birth to triplets

They were all looking alike in my face ...

Yesternight I heard Africa's voice

Her children were filled to the brim

Africa's children were seated together....All of them changed and bowed down

Africa's children were praying in one voice

Yesternight In my dreams I saw Africa heal

The poor and the rich were singing in one voice They had been redeemed from slavery of corruption

Those leaders were now caged in a cage of voiceless

They no longer had a voice in the society

Yesternight I had a voice from within Songs of deliverance were being sung

Africa is now healed from bad epidemics

I saw God restoring the whole Africa He had looked to Africa with mercy

Yesternight I saw Africa hold hands

Her sons were not fighting tribal wars anymore

They were speaking the same language again

Africa indeed was redeemed.


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