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The Night

The Dark Night

The night can be watched from indoors,

The thick darkness that engulfs the world,

Making all else- out of sight

In ways that hope alone can sustain,

Like- show me he who picks out a trench from a hill, When all seems flat,

Show me he who remembers the paths from among thickets? The darker the night,

The higher the faith in luck,

That you'll be lucky not to step into a bush,

Nor take the wrong turn,

That you are blessed to get home safe- without staggering along the way

Then I found myself at crossroads,

With different truths that prove inconceivable,...... For in darkness, we can't see what lies ahead......

While in the absence of darkness, we can see with clarity.... Or is it the opposite

That the dark night and the day light ,

Are just brothers that can't stay in the same room!??

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