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The Laureate

A thought is a sparkle to the soul, stimulating the subconscious. I'm an experienced poet that writes on life changing issues and topics.


In the heart of a man lies greatness

The boy, Jide, wants to be a man

Worthy of emulation and respect

He wanders in his feeble mindedness

Following the crowd

Singing in synchronization

With notes of half scaled success

Seeing mediocrity as a standard

He pursues further

He takes on the journey

Of self

Dusting the books

Off the shelf

Wiping it clean with series

Of self studies

Never stopped fanning

The coals of dream

Kept the burning desire

Still burning

Not putting off

The light of hope

Just to be known for treasure

And not for treason

Knowing that sunset

Never last forever

You ain't good enough

Some still said

Battered outside

Unbroken inside

He believes

And he pressed further

Your torch

It will never shine the best

They still thought

Broken but

Not destroyed

Now only left

With a gasp of hope

His dreams dying before his eyes

Strangely, his last breath saved it all

Pulling the best effort,

To make him, The Laureate.

© 2018 Dammybright

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