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The Imposter


Subconsciously or consciously, we are all playing the role of an imposter trying to fool the world with our happy masks.


The Imposter

Take off that mask, you imposter!

Let me see the face behind it.

These fake projections you cast and foster,

Do you ever wish to truly quit?

This disguise you put on to portray joy,

Does this make you happy inside?

The veil you wear as camouflage,

Does it soothe the pain you hide?

Is it enough to tame your frustration,

That you conceal with this masquerade?

Don’t you get tired of this deception,

You put on with this pleasant facade?

Unmask and show yourself, you pretender!

Enough of this false pretence!

There is no need to hide yourself,

Aren’t we both committing the same offence?

We are all pretending in our little game

Hiding away what makes us weak,

Running after the name and fame,

It’s a little recognition that we so badly seek.

So show yourself, you miserable imposter!

There is no need to play this game,

You can throw away your mental cluster,

As deep down we are all the same.

Farah N Huq



© 2022 Farah N Huq

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