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The Enigma Called Life

Hello everyone, I am an aspiring writer. My prime interest is in the Cinematic art per say among other things.

The enigma called LIFE

Will there ever be an escape,
from the reality scrape?
Where money is power,
other things are successor.

The job seems to be a necessary evil,
but on the expense of creativity kill.
To sustain a life, an enigma,
We are bound to follow the rutina.

Is there anything like fate,
or are we just searching for an illusionary gate?
Nobody is sure where to go,
Isn't it better to not follow the herd on the go?

On the shell, everyone seems happy,
Is that what makes it easy?
To converse about one's aspiration,
why it seems so rare in this generation?

Change is inevitable, they say it rightly,
Yet all are so into the work monotonously.
Some invisible chain incessantly grabs us,
Nobody even tries to force the shackle, just the cuss.

The willpower is what it is required to achieve,
Will it be able to overcome the conventional peeve?
In the age of herd,
how to be the one that gets heard?

One day you'll breathe your last scant of air,
absurd to not explore before you are totally unaware.
The numbness will be psychophysical,
anyway you'll die quizzical.

Thank you,

© 2020 Henil Dasondi