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A Broken Lantern


A Broken Lantern

Dim down the fear
That lasts in your mind.

Fade out the darkness
That won't let you shine.

Throw away the pain
That tells you not to love.

Blow out the blinding fumes
And find the path you're fond of.

Find solace in your solitude
And never feel alone.

And fill your heart with gratitude
For the warmth that you've known.

Tame down that roaring rage
That's hard to control.

Fill up the emptiness,
And soothe that aching soul.

Calm down the storm within
That you can no longer withstand.

And then, light that broken lantern,
As bright as you can...

Farah N Huq

Dealing with negative emotions can be a tormenting experience. Nevertheless, it's important to tame them in order to move on with life.


© 2020 Farah N Huq