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Since the moment I held a pencil I've been creating with drawings and words. I believe paintings enlighten and poems entice our audiences.

A Thought About the Wilderness and All It's Wonderful Animals

Have you ever thought about what other animal you might want to be? It's a thought to ponder on if we all had a choice. I found it to be an interesting adventure while poetry helped me to figure out.

An Elephant

By Mary Borges (aka ML Borges)

By Mary Borges (aka ML Borges)


Gnaw, Gnash the antelope is running

Graceful as a dancer

I can’t eat the antelope

I can’t be the Tiger.

Silky, squishy flashes

Expressively open to kill with poison

I can’t be the killer

I can’t be the Jellyfish.

Upright, strong, and standing tall

A choir group looking up

Ready to hum out a lyric

I can’t stand that long

I can’t be the Meerkat.

Sweet, strong, can carry a heavy load

Four sturdy travelers

Hoofs of steel

Ouch, my aching back

I can’t carry that load

I can’t be the Donkey.

Playful swimmers who build dams

Floats on chilled water

Catches the sun

I can’t be in the water that long

I can’t be the Beaver.

Archaic structure of woven strength

Rough character with pointed horn

Lurks in water and on land

Another galaxy of ancestors

I can’t be that old

I can’t be the Rhinoceros.

Sensitive with kind movement

Inquisitive above all

Perceptive without words

Plant eater of the earth

I can be all that

I can be the Elephant.


© 2020 Mary Borges


Mary Borges (author) from San Diego, California on April 09, 2020:

Thank you Lorna. You're a fountain of inspiration with all of your kind and positive words. In these hard times it's a pure joy to read your comments.

Lorna Lamon on April 09, 2020:

I love the wisdom of the elephant and the fact they grieve when they find the bones of a member of their herd. I enjoyed this lighthearted poem Mary cleverly written, as well as your painting of this amazing creature.

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