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The Sailor


Sail. Sail across the open sea

Through the silence, and through the calm

Through the storm and tempest yet to come

Compose yourself, be brave. trust your sail. Be still.

You are here, to navigate the coaster of your dreams

Unanchored, and unbound, daunting as it seems.

Away from the coast where your comfort lies,

An unmeasurable vast awaits before your eyes.

Into the deep, and the infinite

Where adventures and danger intertwine

The waves will build your spirit

As you overcome from time to time

Dreams have no limit And your Fears are no less

Choose of which is greater.

Would you rather be untroubled? Or be boundless?

Let not your fear overpower you

conquer the vast, let it not own you

sail as if you cause the waves,

Sail like you bring forth the storm

Sway with the tempest of the wind,

You are the Sailor, the wheel is in your hand,

Steer, go forth and conquer,

go forth and advance


Roshena (author) from Baguio City, Philippines on August 07, 2019:

@Larry Slawson_ thanks for reading :)

Larry Slawson from North Carolina on August 07, 2019:

Very nice! Thank you for sharing!

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