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The Judgement

I Wanted To Show The Mass The Greatest Gift We Get Is Life Itself


Sound of a gunshot, I heard from afar,

Echoing through my ears like a ringing bell,

Thinking about it, makes me wonder like Hell!

Screams of people, I also hear,

I , in the bustling crowd, still like a pillar.

Realizing fear in the heart of mine,

It feels like ' Was I the one who was shot? '

Imagining the pain, that he had felt,

Thinking only, sorrow I felt.....

For the man that yet had life to spend.

Thought like ' Time is Precious' ,

Every moment is precious,

It all came into reality,

For the fallen man had proved that :

' Life itself is the greatest gift'

The eyes of the man which may never move,

The inner mind which slowly fade,

Fading into black, so black...

Leaving everything left behind,

To the ones he had loved forever!

One farewell to a human being,

Who walks among us ....

I never had the chance to meet,

That particular son of God...

But only he knows , why he had been called.

I had learned a lesson today,

A very special one :

That Life itself is the greatest gift,

And I dare not ask for more..

For the fallen man had proved that!

I began to walk away,

Forgetting what had happened..

For there was just one thing,

That I could not ever forget,

'Sound of a gunshot, I heard from afar.....'

© 2019 Sreekanth Vijayakumar

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